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The Lake by Kevin Lynch blog tour and book review.

My review.

The Lake House by Kevin Lynch.

3 couple are on a retreat. One is murdered? Who os the killer? And why?

I really enjoyed this book. Twisty and gripping. I didn't trust Susie at all. I don't know how I felt about the others either. I wasn't sure about the fisherman. Twisty and gripping. Didn't see that coming. 5*.


Debbie has been terrified of lakes ever since her son tragically drowned in one. So when her husband and some friends decide to take a lakeside vacation, Debbie is reluctant to go. But hoping that the holiday will help cure her fear, she eventually agrees to join them.

Things start to go wrong very quickly. A local fisherman seems to be stalking them. And then George, a member of their group, goes missing. His body is discovered a day later, his injuries suggesting a struggle.

All the while, Debbie is being haunted by the sinister presence of the lake. More than anything, she wants to leave this dark foreboding place, but the group has been told to stay in place while George’s death is being investigated.

Format – Kindle

Publisher – Inkubator Books

Publication Date – 19 Mar. 2023

Genre –Psychological Fiction

Author – Kevin Lynch

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Zoe O'Farrell (Zooloo's Book Diary)
Zoe O'Farrell (Zooloo's Book Diary)
27 Mar 2023

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